Why do mosquito bite itch and how long

Almost all people have experience mosquito's bite. Every year lots of people get bitten by mosquitoes. Mosquito bite affects differently on different people. Some people may have soft skin and effects more than normal.

Why do mosquito bites itch?

Almost all people have experience mosquito's bite. Every year lots of people get bitten by mosquitoes. Mosquito bite affects differently on different people. Some people may have soft skin and effects more than normal.

Mosquito bite to get nutrition from human blood, human blood have various compounds that help to create eggs and that's why only female mosquito bites.

Mosquitoes bites through their needle type face and draw the blood from human skin. While drawing the blood from human skin, they inject their saliva that contains an anticoagulant and proteins. These foreign substances that trigger the body’s immune system to fight with these substances. human immune system releases the histamine and provides more white blood cells on affected part of skin. This histamine causes the itchiness and inflammation and due to the more amount of white blood cells, the affected area of skin can swell.

Mosquito bite affects differently on different people

Sometimes, some people won't have response to the mosquitoes bite. This is because either they may build tolerance over the time or their body has not formulate the response to foreign invaders.
On the other hand, some people feels more itchiness swelling or redness. There are many reason to it. like these types of person may have soft skin or their immune system is highly active to response invaders etc. 
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Does scratching make it worse?

Scratching more mosquito bites can make the itching worse and also damage your skin.
Scratching also makes the inflammation effects and when you scratch effected are then the inflammation increases.This makes even more itchier.
Scratching can also breaks your skin and increases the risk of infections and become more itchier that will take longer to heal

Immediate relief remedies for mosquito bites

    1. Apply Aloe Vera gel
    2. Use a cold tea bag
    3. Clean affected skin area with rubbing alcohol
    4. Apply Honey on effected area
    5. Take a Oatmeal bath 
    6. Apply heat on affected area of skin
    7. Apply Garlic Paste on affected area.

How long does a mosquito bite last?

A mosquito bite can last for a few hours. The length and symptoms of mosquito bites vary depending on the size of the bite and the person's immune system. Itching or scratching on a bite can increase the length of time it lasts.
Sometimes small black marks are removed by mosquito bites when itching and withering itself after the bite. People with sensitive skin have these dull scars, but they should not be permanent.

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