what are hiccups and what are hiccups caused by and how to stop

The may cause of having extra meal or having carbonated beverages in meal or having excessive amount of alcohol.In some cases it may result from excitement or shock.Hiccups usually lasts only few minutes to few weeks or even months 
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what are hiccups caused by

Following are the most common cause for hiccups that last less than 24 hours:
  • Having carbonated beverages in excessive amount
  • Having too much alcoholic Products
  • Having too much meal
  • Excitement or emotional stress are also be cause
  • Sudden change in room temperature 
Hiccups can also lasts more than 48 hours that can also be cause by several factors, we grouped some following.
  • Nerve damage or irritation
  • Central nervous system disorders
  • Metabolic disorders and drugs

Getting rid of hiccups

Following are some tips to get rid of hiccup. I you have hiccups that lasts for more than 48 hours, you should consult with your doctor.
  • Try breath holding. Try to hold your breath for few seconds.
  • You should practice measured breathing. Breathe out for a count of 10 and Breath in for a count of 10.
  • Try hugging your knees. Sit down comfortably and bring your knees close to your chest and hold them few minutes.
  • Practice Compressing your chest. To Provide pressure on your diaphragm bend forward or lean to provide compression to your chest . It may helps to get rid of hiccups.
  • Pull on your tongue. Pull you tongue out by grabbing tip of your mouth gently. It stimulates your throat muscles.By this process you can get relief from hiccups.
  • Squeeze your palms. Apply pressure to your palms with your thumb. Try this for 2-3 minute you may get relief from hiccups instantly.
  • Eat some sugar.
  • Drink chilled water.To get instant relief from hiccups, drink ice water more than enough
  • Put few drops of vinegar on you tongue.

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