Unknown and Interesting facts about strawberries nutrition

Strawberries are red, juicy and sweet fruit. they are great source of vitamin C. In United States, strawberries are the fifth most consumed fruit. Strawberries are a also most popular summer and spring treat.

What Are the Nutrition Facts of Strawberries? Calories, Carbs, Sugar, and More

Like other plant foods, strawberries are a nutrient-dense, low-calorie selection. The U.S. Department of Agriculture outlines the following measures and daily values (DV) in its nutrition report for 1 cup of sliced strawberries: (4)
Calories: 53
Total fat: 0.50 grams (g)
Protein: 1.11 g (2.2 percent DV)
Carbohydrates: 12.75 g
Dietary fiber: 3.3 g (13 percent DV)
Sugar: 8.12 g
Calcium: 27 milligrams (mg) (2.7 percent DV)
Iron: 0.68 mg (3.8 percent DV)
Magnesium: 22 mg (5.5 percent DV)
Potassium: 254 mg (5.4 percent DV)
Vitamin A: 20 international units (0.4 percent DV)
Vitamin C: 97.6 mg (162.6 percent DV)
Vitamin K: 3.7 mg (4.6 percent DV)
As you can see, strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C. Additionally, strawberries are cholesterol-free.

There are some Interesting  nutrition facts about strawberries

1. It brightens your skin color

Strawberries have Vitamin C that's why strawberries are very highly effective to brighten your skin color.

2. Beneficial to the heart patient

Due to the high polyphenol contents available in strawberries, these are very beneficial to your heart.

3. Work Against Cancer

Strawberries have the powerful antioxidants in strawberries that work against the free radicals to reduce the cancer particles from the blood.

4. Helps to regulate blood sugar

Strawberries have a substantial fiber content that can helps to regulate the glucose from the blood.

5. Regulates the blood presser

Due to their high potassium content, strawberries might provide benefits for people who have a raised risk of high blood pressure by helping to offset the effects of sodium in the body.

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