Top Ten Interesting Facts about Giant Pandas

Pandas are giant but cute animals, basically found in bamboos forest. Pandas are very shy animals that why they are happy to live alone. Pandas are also funny but animal.

Here are some interesting facts about the pandas.

1. New born panda cubs are very small 

The new born panda cub is size of stick of butter (about 15 cm) and color of newly born panda cub is pink. He is almost the 1/900th of the size of his mother.

2. Panda' have strong paws

Panda has a very strong paws that can crush a powerful bamboos. Panda's paw have 6 figures, five fingers and and one thumb that helps to climb more than 10,000 feet.

3. Panda can climb more than 13000 feet

Due to the powerful wrist bones and paws pandas can climb more that 13000 feet. they can climb the full height of mountain to find food.

4. Pandas are veg and non veg

Giant pandas are omnivores which means they can eat veg and meat. Basically, The pandas are rely on bamboos but can eat fishes and small animals like cats, rats rabbits etc.

5. Panda eats 15% of his weight daily

To survive panda needs to eat a lot because the bamboos have low amount of nutrients. Only 5% of their food can digest. So that's why panda eats more then 15% of his weight every day.

6. Panda eats extremely fast

Panda needs to eat a lot that's why he needs to eat fast.His teeth are well developed to eat solid bamboos shoots, leaves, and stems fast.

7. Pandas are good swimmers

Yes, pandas are very good swimmers. Their furry body can helps them to swim.

8. Panda is Shy animal

Pandas are very shy in nature. they want to live alone. They avoid the other pandas. they only need the partner during the breeding season.

9. pandas have heightened sense of smell

pandas have heightened sense of power. They can detect the other pandas scent and avoid them. Due the very good smell power they can detect the female panda to have sex during the breeding season.

10. Scientific name of panda

The panda’s scientific name is Ailuropoda melanoleuca,  means “black and white cat-foot”.

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