Top interesting facts about the great wall of china

The Great Wall of China is one of the most ancient Monument in the word. It is world's longest wall and largest ancient architecture. This Great wall is laid between the tall ranges of mountains, deserts and beautiful beaches. It has a stunning collection of beautiful sceneries.

Here we collected  some top interesting facts about the great wall of china.

1. Length of the Great Wall 

The official length of the Great Wall is 21,196.18 km (13,170.7 miles).The total length of the Great Wall is almost equal to the half of the equator of the earth.

2.  How Old is The great Wall of China

The Great Wall of china is more that 2300 year old .As early as when the Qin Dynasty (221-207BC) building the Great Wall, rice flour(glutinous ) was used in create the material to bind the bricks of the wall.

3. About 1/3 part of the Great Wall has been disappeared.

over the period the the great wall of chine looses its 1/3rd part due to the land to human use or other factors.

4. The Great Wall of China is cannot seen from the space. 

From the space, Human cannot see the The Great Wall of China with naked eye or without any eye aid.

5. The great wall's bricks was used to make homes.

Many Great Wall bricks had been used to build homes or used in other construction,During the Cultural Revolution in the year of 1966 to 1976.

6.Evidence of last war 

The Great Wall has bullet holes on the Gubeikou section, That are the evidence of the last battle fought at the Great Wall of China .

7.Invention during the construction of the great wall

  • The gun Powder invented by the Chinese to defend the Great Wall.
  • The wheelbarrow invented to pull the rocks and bricks during the construction of The Great Wall.

8. Most expensive Construction

The Great wall of China is most expensive construction in earth is ever done.

9. Labor To construct the great wall

more than 8 million people has been worked till date of construct and renovation work. Millions of male laborers has been died during construction of the great wall. 

10.The Great Wall labor force included soldiers, forcibly-recruited peasants, convicts, and POWs.

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