The major factors behind the Pollution in Delhi

The levels of air pollution is going toxic day by day in and around Delhi and creating quite a menace. Due to the change in weather conditions the pollutants are locked in the air and causing the situation worse.

People warned by doctors from harmful consequences and advising them to not stepping outdoors.

But what are the major factors behind this soaring pollution?

1. Climate change is s big cause

Due to the climate change, the dust particles and pollutants are unable to move in the air. Due to the humid winds, these pollutants get locked in the air that affects the weather conditions, resulting dust in smog.

2. Stubble Burning is not an issue

According to Teri's Sumit Sharma's report, stubble burning is periodic.However, pollution levels hikes during stubble burning But it only takes place for 12-15 days. So Stubble Burning is not an issue.

3. Crackers are also not the reason

In this Diwali firecrackers were a common sight. It may not the main reason for this dire smog. The pollution from the crackers remains 2-3 days but for the weeks. It is the factor behind the pollution.

4. Road dust and other  


The Teri's report says dust pollution contributes approx. 18% of PM 2.5 levels. Dust pollutants from roads contribute 3.5% , construction work dust particles 1% and 13% are other reasons.

5. Construction works

Increasing in the Large scale construction works in Delhi-NCR in another big factor to increase the dust particle in the air that decreasing the quality of air.

6. Industrial waste

Pollution industries and garbage dumps are also a big facts to increase the air pollution and building-up smog in the air during the day.
Following are the data of pollution that causing major pollution in Delhi.
  • Industries contribute 31% to PM 2.5 levels -- 
  • power plants generate 6.2%,
  •  brick kilns 8%,
  •  stone crushers 2%
  • 14% from small industries.

These are some reasons behind the dire pollution in Delhi. 

So, this is our advise to you 
  • Not go outdoors without any reason.
  • Eat the food enriched with Vitamin-C.
  • Wear a mask if possible.
  • Don't use the main roads, use lanes instead.
  • Be safe use safety precaution.

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