Proven Health Benefits of Avocado - nutrition facts of an avocado

The avocado is a rare fruit. Avocados have more healthy fats an carbohydrates than any other fruits.

1. Avocados Are great source of Food Fiber 

2. Having one Avocado a day Can Lower Triglyceride and Cholesterol.

3.People Who Eat Avocados every day is more Healthier then normal.

4. Good for heart Patient

Avocados have great ability to provide the nutrition to heart. Having one avocado in a day is more beneficial to the heart patient. 

5. Decreases the blood sugar

Avocado is also beneficial to the diabetes patient. It reduces  and maintains the blood sugar. Having avocado in a day and you can get rid of medicines.

6. Much beneficial to weight lose 

 Avocados are the great source of good fat and also fights against the bad fats in the body. that's why it is great much beneficial to people who are struggling to lose weight.

7. Especially important for Newly born babies and pregnant ladies

Avocados helps to makes the new cells in rapid way. So that is necessary to have avocados for pregnant ladies. It is also very beneficial to the new born baby to strengthen their bone by making more new cells.

8. Avocado Is Delicious and Easy to digest

avocado is a must to the patient of anything. The rich in nutrition can provide the best health benefits to every one. 

10. Avocados have more potassium than banana

Avocados are more potassium than banana that's why avocados are more beneficial than bananas.

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