Interesting Facts About Yawning: why do we yawn, How to Stop, and More

Every human yawns on the earth. So all animals on earth do so. Definitely it  . But throughout the ages what that might be has puzzled scientists?
Now a various experiments suggests a amazing reasons for yawning. Yawning is important to cools down the brain, says Andrew C. Gallup, PhD, a postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University.
"We have collected data various animals and humans. The data shows the yawning  the brain-cooling hypothesis " this reports give by the 'Gallup'.

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Here's the basic idea:

  • When you start yawning, the powerful stretch of the jaw increases blood flow to the neck, face, and head.
  • Deep intake of breath during a yawning slows down the flow of spinal fluid and blood from the brain.
  • Cold air dissolved in the mouth cools these fluids.

Causes of yawning

  1. If you are tired

if you are tired your brain's blood circle slows down, that causing the temperature drop of your brain and causes the yawn
  1. If you are bored

if you don't like something but you are forced to do that, your brain isn’t feeling stimulated and starts to slowing down the temperature and cause yawn.
  1. seeing someone else yawn

One of the most common theories is that  yawning is contagious. the contagious yawning a mark of empathy for other people. when you see the another person yawn the you probably can yawn, specially if you both are close to or comfortable to each other.

Ways to stop yawning

  1. Try deep breathing

One of the various reasons is that if you fell yawning excessively then your body may needs more oxygen. Try the the deep breathing through the nose, it helps to bring the more oxygen to your body. study says it is most effective way to overcome the yawning while you are in meeting to some where else.
  1. Cool yourself down

When feels excessive yawning try taking a walk outside or go where you feel cool as normal. If you can't do this, eat some chilled snacks or fruits, drink cold coffee or you can drink chilled water instead
  1. Get moving yourself

Feelings of tiredness, boredom, and stress are highly responsible to yawn more. Try out the moving strategy to overcome yawn. Change your your position or take a little walk it is highly effective

Fast facts on yawning

Here are some key Facts about yawning.
  1. We yawn when our body feels oxygen lack.
  2. Yawning is a or lack of stimulation of your brain.
  3. Unborn Babies can also yawn, even in the womb.
  4. Yawning is contagious, When you see someone yawn you may also yawn after immediate.
  5. Someone that yawns serves a communicating boredom.
  6. We Yawn More When It's Cool or little bit more cool as comfortable temperature.
  7. Yawning is exercise of lungs.When you yawn you lungs and lungs muscles are stretched.
  8. All animals on earth take yawn.
  9. There is no proper reason of why we yawn.

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