Cats are Crazy, Know the interesting and funny facts about cats

Cats are most popular pet in all over the world. Cats are wise & obedient pet animal and are funny as well. Cats are small in size as compare to pet dog that's why more people prefer cats than dogs.

Today we will discuss about the cats and their facts & myths.

Popular Facts about Cats

1. Cat is a clean animal. 

Cats spend over half of their day to grooming themselves.

2. Some Cats hate music

Your cat may probably hate music if you not seen your cat in room when you play music.

3 The cat lover is called AILUROPHILE

If you love cats then you are AILUROPHILE;
It is derived from the two Greek words 'ailouros' and 'phile'. According to the Greek vocabulary the  'ailouros' means 'cat' and 'phile' means 'lover'.
If you hate the cats then you are AILUROPHOBE.

4. First cat sent to the space in 1963 by NASA.

5. Oldest cat in the world is 31 year old.

Cats maximum age is 15-20 years but the oldest cat in the world is 31 years old.

6.Cats have amazing sense of landing

Cats can survive if they fall from 3rd to 5th floor. They don't always land on their feet;

7. Flexible animal;

Cat is a one of the flexible animals on the earth. Due to their flexibility they can pass small hole and also can jump up to 10-12 feet.

8. Not only cheetah is a fastest cat

There are lots of cats breeds that can run even faster than the cheetah.

9.THE EXOTIC Breed of cats is most popular breed in the world;

10 Cats have more bones than human

Cats have 244 bones that can make them stronger and flexible.

11 Cats hate sweet

Cats hates to have sweet.

12 The Group of cats is called KINDLE.

kindle is not only the tablet. The group of cats are also called kindle

Popular MYTHS about Cats

Black Cats are bad luck

In some cultures, It is a myth that black cats are bad luck. According to these cultures, If you are going to do any important work and you seen a black cat than your work is not gonna done.

No One knows the exact reason of bad luck to see black cat;

No one knows the reason behind the bad luck to see black cats. It is only myth not a fact.
The question is that if black is bad luck then why people own the pet black cat?

Some cultures Black cats are good luck.

In the Japan and the great Britain  Black cats are good luck. In these culture they prefer to pet a black cat.

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